Other Education Initiatives

Michigan Education Excellence Foundation (MEEF) collects, invests and distributes funds to improve education in Michigan.

Funds are distributed at the discretion of the board of directors on initiatives that focus on supporting education for Michigan students at the state’s lowest performing schools.

Other MEEF initiatives include:

Michigan Future Schools: MEEF has funded this capacity building program for a number of Detroit area high schools to prepare students for selective admission to universities and support students once they are in college.

Talent and Leadership Development: MEEF has funded programs that cultivate and hire new talent at public schools.

Detroit Leadership Academy_45

MEEF supports efforts that:

    • bring an entrepreneurial approach to public education
    • promote universal choice for public school students
    • fund new models of education that promise to empower students as partners in their learning
    • prepare and support students to pursue post-secondary education
    • track results, identify modifications and share innovations with all schools in Michigan


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