Detroit is making first two years of college free

The Detroit Promise Scholarship was featured in a RYOT media video.


RYOT wrote:

“Two years of college education just became free for high school students in Detroit.

The city has announced that high school graduates will be given two years of free college tuition at a community college to help aid students aspiring for a higher education.

‘We are making a promise to every single student who graduates from a high school in Detroit,’ Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said.

The funding will come from the Detroit College Promise program that is run by the Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

How will the program provide free college education for every high school graduate in the city?

The program plans to appropriate the city’s property taxes to fund eligible students’ college education — considering that free education would encourage more people to pursue a college degree.

Many students drop out of school or do not proceed to get a college degree after high school because they are unable to afford the high costs tied with a college education.

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center , households headed by a college educated person have a higher average income than those that are headed by non-college educated persons.

It doesn’t help that student debt is unfathomably huge in the country. The same Pew study found that people who have no student debts tend to have a higher net worth than others.

This program may be a step in the right direction to ensure that these kids have better opportunities in the future.”

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