Message from Gov. Snyder

16500276363_a834f6d63b_oMichigan’s comeback has been fueled by the resiliency of our citizens who are embracing opportunities present in our growing economy. Our cities are rebuilding, our labor force is growing, and people all over the world are once again considering Michigan a great place to live, work, and enjoy a rich, natural beauty.

That comeback can only be sustained, however, if we continue to build a world-class education system for every child in the state. It must evolve to meet the needs of each child who calls Michigan home — be they rich or poor, from our cities or our rural areas, gifted or challenged. Michigan’s education system must offer only high quality options for parents who are our partners in ensuring their children’s success.

Together, parents, students, educators, business and community leaders are re-engineering how education looks in Michigan, where it is delivered, and how students can move seamlessly through the system at a pace that meets their individual needs. We couldn’t do this work without our philanthropic partners who share our vision and invest in the dream that every Michigan student will graduate from high school prepared to continue their learning, embrace a career, and help us rebuild this state, this nation, and even the world.

Marcus Garvey (22 of 43)I am grateful that the Michigan Education Excellence Foundation is a leader in that effort.  Its work has significant impact on both system design and individual student success. By funding scholarships for all Detroit high school graduates, forging partnerships with various stakeholders, and supporting innovative instructional models, the Foundation is a leading partner in supporting our state’s goal to re-establish Michigan as one of the world’s economic and educational leaders.


– Governor Rick Snyder